Food-Tracking Task

[Task Description]
The monkey was tracking food rewards with the hand contralateral to the implant side. ECoG data and motion data were recorded simultaneously during the task (details in the reference). There was no eye tracking. ECoG and motion data were sampled at 1KHz and 120Hz, respectively, with time stamps synchronized.

Chao ZC, Nagasaka Y, Fujii N (2010). "Long-term asynchronous decoding of arm motion using electrocorticographic signals in monkeys." Frontiers in Neuroengineering 3:3. doi:10.3389/fneng.2010.00003

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[Update information]
2010/12/14: Download files include more detailed information on data format. The electrode order in the data from monkey K1 is corrected.

[Additional information]
2011/01/31:  Further information can be found on TychoWiki.