Fixation Task

[Task Description]

During the task, the monkey sat in a primate chair with their head and arms in a fixed position. In each trial, the monkey was required to keep their gaze at the fixation point (FP) presented at the center of the display until the FP tuned off. At the timing of the FP disappearance, the reward (a drop of water or jouice) and a beep were delivered.
We implanted 128 subdural electrodes in each monkey, and recorded ECoG signals with 1 kHz sampling rate. The vertical and horizontal eye-positions were recorded with 500 Hz sampling rate.

!! Note that, for "FIxation Task", we have already merged the data across days. The "Exp date" refers to the date we uploaded the data for Neurotycho. See Wiki "Fixation Details" for the detail about the date we conducted the experiments. !!

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