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"Neurotycho BEGINS" is an educational web application for neuroscience beginners. You can play with massive neural data without any prior knowledge about neuroscience. The application is using some of data shared in  "Social Competition Task".

First, please go to BEGINS page. You can find a brain map and a list of conditional parameters. On the map (lateral view of right hemisphere of Japenese macaque), 128 ECoG electrodes are shown as gray circle. There are some electrodes that are displayed out of the brain. These electrodes were implanted in medial wall of prefrontal cortex and primary visual cortex and displayed as unfolded.

There are three monkeys, monkey A, B and C. Hierarchical position is A>B>C. We recorded neural activity from monkey B.


Monkeys performed Social Competition task. There were always two monkeys participated the task, either A-B or B-C. When B was paired with A, B needed to suppress food taking behavior in competitive space in Conflict condition. In No Conflict condition, two monkeys were facing each other but there was enough space between them so that there was no conflict.

Both in No Conflict condition and Conflict condition, three time windows (Early, Middle and Late: size=400ms) were set around "Show Food" event and "Food Place" event.  There are three days data.

Once you set parameters, please press draw button. You will find red or blue circles. If you see red circle on some electrodes, it means these electrodes had higher power in condition 1 than condition 2.  If you see blue circle on some electrodes, it means these electrodes had higher power in condition 2 than condition 1.  

After activity map was displayed, you can copy the iamge in lower panel by pressing copy button. Please use this function for comparing multiple images. Conditions used for generating each map are indicated by numbers below the panel.

For more information, please visit wiki page.

Currently BEGINS is confirmed working properly with IE9, Chrome, Safari (Mac & iPad). Firefox and Safari for iPhone are not supported now.